Solar energy system design

Solar Energy System Design

I understand that every home has unique energy needs. My solar energy design process involves creating a tailored solution that maximizes efficiency, savings, and aesthetic appeal. My team at Endless Energy Solar will craft a solar system to your specific requirements.

My Design Process: I start with an on-site assessment, analyzing your roof’s condition, orientation, and available space for solar panels. This data informs our design process.

Energy Needs: I will discuss your household’s energy consumption patterns to determine the optimal system size and configuration.

Custom Design: The electrical engineers at Sun Solar Solutions create a customized solar system design that considers your energy goals, aesthetics, and budget.

Efficiency: I ensure that the placement of solar panels maximizes sun exposure and energy production throughout the day.

Aesthetics: I understand that the visual appeal of your solar system is important. Our designs are both functional and visually pleasing, seamlessly integrating with your home’s architecture.

Benefits of My Design Approach


We meticulously plan panel placement and system configuration to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.

Optimized Savings

Custom-tailored designs by experienced electrical engineers will maximize energy production, resulting in significant long-term savings on utility bills.

Aesthetic Integration

We prioritize the visual harmony of your solar system with your home, enhancing its curb appeal.

Data Sheets

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Tesla Solar Inverter w/ Site Controller Datasheet

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“Investing in solar energy for our home was a big decision, and we’re so grateful to have had the guidance and expertise of Matt Kreuz throughout the process. Initially, we were considering entering a power purchase agreement with a national solar energy company, but thankfully, we sought Matt’s advice before signing any contracts.

Thanks to Matt’s guidance, we not only feel confident about our home’s energy future but also about the financial benefits it brings. His expertise has helped us make the best choice for our home and family’s future. We highly recommend Matt to anyone considering investing in solar energy – his experience and integrity are unmatched.”

Bill & Wendy E.
Homeowner, Bill & Wendy E.

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